Relationships are essential.

Growth and development, at any age, in any way, is impossible without relationships. For this reason, relational and systematic theory and approaches are central to every service I provide.

Developmental Therapy and Early Intervention

DIR (commonly known as Floortime) is a developmental-relational model and approach to support children on the autism spectrum. When utilizing this model, we look at where the child is developmentally, gather an in-depth understanding of the unique ways the child's body works, and take a close look at how we can use relationships to support development. Armed with this information, we can adjust the child's environment and our way of being with him or her to increase your connection with your child and better support developmental progress.

Individual Therapy

I am a big believer that we all have the answers to our own questions, which arise from an instinctual wisdom about who we truly are and what is right for ourselves as a unique individuals. However, throughout life we are pressured to detach from what we know and who we are, and sometimes put ourselves into boxes that that we don’t quite fit in. I am here to help you take yourself out of those boxes and get back to being your true self. I want to help you reconnect to your own wisdom, increase your ability to listen carefully to yourself, and encourage and empower you to move through life as your most authentic self.

I provide a warm, welcoming, and compassionate environment in hopes that you will feel safe and comfortable sharing your story with me. As you talk, I will listen with curiosity and intention. My goal is to understand who you are and how you arrived to this point in your life today.

It is my firm belief that you are doing the best you can to navigate life and all the challenges it brings. How you do so has been shaped over time, beginning with your earliest experiences in infancy and childhood and then, continued to evolve across your lifespan. Working collaboratively, we will explore how your past has impacted your present. Then, we will uncover how you can move forward in new ways that will increase your happiness and well being.

This road to self understanding and self awareness can be a challenging one but don’t worry, together, we got this.

Couple and Family Therapy

Our way of being in relationships traces back to our earliest experiences during infancy and childhood: our relationships and attachments with our parents. These have provided an unconscious blueprint for who we believe we are and what we expect from others; both greatly impacting how we are now.

This is further complicated by how deeply we want to connect with one another and how important it is for us to have a sense of belonging in our relationships. When we feel that the connection or sense of belonging is threatened or disrupted, we react in any number of ways.

During our time together, you and your partner and/or family will work to understand yourselves, your wants and needs, and, as a result, your way of being with one another. We will discover where disconnections and friction are arising, and why, and dive deep into how you can increase your connection, shared joy, and sense of belonging with one another.


Master of Science Degree: Child Development specialization in Special Needs
Master of Arts Degree: Marriage and Family Therapy
Certified DIR Practitioner