What I Do

Work with unmatched passion and purpose to enrich the lives of families that include children impacted by developmental and neurobiological differences and disabilities.

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Who I Serve

My clients are families of children with developmental delays, developmental disabilities, sensory processing differences, and neurobiological differences such as Autism Spectrum Disorders who live in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area in Minnesota.

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What To Expect

Improved understanding of your child's differences and how to utilize your child's strengths, as well as  your own, to propel your child (and your relationship with your child) toward his or her potential.

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What I Believe

"Symptoms are not the problem but rather the solution to an underlying problem. We must ask ourselves, why does the child come to this solution?" -Melvin Kaplan

In order to help a child reach his or her developmental potential it is vital that we build an in-depth understanding of that child’s individual differences, as well as the relationships the child is developing within. By doing so, we can better understand the challenges the child is facing and the solutions the child is utilizing. Thereby, allowing for more effective support and intervention.

With a focus on relationships, it is integral for parents to be active participants in every session. I want to give parents the knowledge and tools that enable them to be with their children in a way that enriches the life of the entire family. Ultimately, my goal is to empower parents and help them feel confident as they move through life with their child.

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